The last few years alone have seen the rise in a different type of episodic series, equally as binge worthy as your fave Netflix show. That’s right, it’s the rise of the podcast.

According to Ofcom around 7.1 million people each week in the UK now listen to one. On average regular poddy listeners tune in to around seven episodes each week.
They are becoming trendier and more current by the day with worldwide brands including Nike, McDonalds and Chanel, to name just a few, using the medium to push their brands reach even further.

Due to this, advertising has evolved. Creating opportunities to tap into new markets and expand on existing ones.
The obsession with podcasting has given the public a platform & voice like never before, seeing an increase in people producing their own from around kitchen tables and from their local pubs.

The incredible thing about a series whether that be a box set or on an audio is it allows us to become invested in the characters and conversations that can only be developed over time, giving a feeling of familiarity and even friendship.
It seems a common occurrence that we now all have that one mate who is raving about a podcast ‘you just have to listen too’.

Want to get on the podcast train? Spotify, Apple and Soundcloud all have a great selection so check out some of the below to get you started …

Table Manners

Singer Jessie Ware and her mum put on a feast for their guest and chat all things food. Guests have included Neneh Cherry, David Schwimmer and Yotam Ottolenghi.


That Peter Crouch Podcast


The ever endearing Crouchy talks all things sport covering transfers, dressing room ‘bants’ and keeping on the good side of footy managers.

Birthday Skin


Fanatical about skincare? Conflicting beauty trends got your head in a spin? Local Manchester girls Charlie & Amy will leave you fully un-muddled by dissecting beauty news, products and ingredients.