This year we’ve teamed up with Lancaster University society ‘ISSUE’ to share and discuss all things fashion & creativity.

“We are a society founded on raw enthusiasm and love for the fashion industry and we aim to help, guide and support our growing number of members in the careers they wish to pursue in the fashion and creative industries. 

We aim to unite fashion enthusiasts, but also anyone interested in art, design, photography, journalism and much more. This society is beneficial for anyone interested by creating a space where fashion, creativity, careers and business unite.”


Meet the team…


I’m Emma and I make sure that communication flows amongst the ISSUE exec team to facilitate the coordination of tasks and interaction between external and internal contacts. As the executive secretary of ISSUE, I have a special appreciation for every exec and try to help them as best as I can. Studying Advertising and Marketing has enabled me to have an overall understanding of every role such as management, promotional marketing and events planning.

If I had to describe my style, I’d say that I have “off duty” or sophisticated days. I match my outfits with my mood so I play with clothes to convey the image that I want to feel on that day. I have a strong passion for sneakers as I love having a sporty yet stylish look and I centre my outfits around them most of the time. I’m looking forward to meeting new members at our next few events and share my interests with them so feel free to join in!


Being a member of the ISSUE Exec team is a dream; to collaborate and spend time with like-minded people who are just as kind as they are fashionable has really fulfilled my University experience! Co-writing the Creative newsletter has been so much fun and has really helped me understand the time and work that goes into producing such publications. I’ve really appreciated being able to dabble into writing, editing, reporting and interviewing; great practice for entering the fashion journalism field.

I’ve always loved how expressive fashion can be, and I think of each outfit I wear as illustrating different aspects of my personality. As long as I can pair it with my favourite leather biker boots, then I’m happy! Whether I’m feeling elegant in a checked skirt and blouse or power dressing with statement trousers and over-sized blazer, I thoroughly enjoy the confidence to experiment which ISSUE has encouraged me to cultivate


My role in ISSUE is eclectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way! As treasurer, I am in charge of making sure that your accounts are in order and ensuring we do the best we can for our wonderful sponsors, Prestige. Equally, I make sure that we do the best we can with our resources to allow our members to get the most out of our society. Also, I, with the help of Molly, created this newsletter and continue to edit and expand it; I hope it creates a space for our members, pioneering business people and those who are creatively minded to share and innovate ideas.

I’d say my style is a bit of a mixture. I love classic cuts and styles but I add my own element to them with different prints and unusual shapes. For me, it is important to accentuate your individuality and focus on clothes that suit you rather than what is ‘on trend’. Due to this, I relish the challenge of re-styling staples in my wardrobe whilst, of course, occasionally adding new pieces too. Nothing is better than combing the shops, especially the vintage ones, to find something unusual and adjusting and sewing them to suit you.