We’ve been a little quiet at WAM HQ as we adapt to the current climate and the changes that Coronavirus has brought. It’s so important to stay safe, not only for yourself but your friends and family – and the lives of strangers that you may have never met. Our actions have a butterfly effect!

It can be hard not to fall into a lull, but after a few days of binging on junk food and Netflix, we’re ready to make the best of this situation and get creative…and WE WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED!

Fancy writing about music, fashion, art, lifestyle?
Up for creating a Spotify playlist? Making a mix on MixCloud / Soundcloud?
A love for fashion with styling tips you want to share? Cool brands you want to shout about?


You can contact us on our social media pages or by emailing hello@wamsocial.com

See something cool online that you think is worth a share? Tag us @WAMsocial #createasyouisolate

We’re all in this together, so lets share the things that we love in new and exciting ways.