Many of Brandon Maxwell’s muses come from dizzying heights and have cemented themselves in history as phenomenal women, be it pop-stars, fashion icons or even first ladies, Maxwell has dressed them all. Yet when his capabilities were recently recognised at the CFDAs, his modesty prevailed, and he remarked comically that he had not been expecting to win and as a result had been taking full advantage of the free bar.

But what has made him so loved and respected? I think the key to his success and the scope of his client base is his versatility, comprehension of the feminine form as well as an understanding of each individual’s needs, on and off the red-carpet. Even if you only glance over his portfolio on his website you cannot help but notice how each gown is unique to the woman; even fitting the requirements of our newest princess who often turns to Maxwell such as when she stunned in a yellow sleeveless dress, so typical of her, at the ‘Your Commonwealth’ Youth Challenge Reception in 2018.

However, it is not only A-listers who are Maxwell caters for, his namesake company is founded on ready-to-wear collections which maintain his remarkable eye for detail and flattering silhouettes. On his website he writes,


‘Every woman I knew growing up was balancing many things, work, motherhood, philanthropy, and my goal was to create a classic, timeless, and tailored uniform for them from day to night. When the woman goes into her closet and needs that black suit or little black dress, I wanted to give them that one piece that hits them in the right places and makes them feel like a million dollars.’


When Lee Carter from W magazine interviewed him in 2017, Maxwell expanded on the philosophy behind his brand, stating, ‘For a girl to get a dress off at the end of a night, pulling that zipper down by herself can be like a Cirque du Soleil act. What can I do to make that easier?”


This leads nicely onto his more adventurous style, as Lady Gaga’s artistic director and the visionary behind most of her fantastical dresses including the Meat Dress. For those who haven’t already been overwhelmed by the images of the Met Gala spectacle, she began with a bright fuchsia-pink cape gown with puffed sleeves and an oversized bow, not to mention a 25 foot train, before she then preceded (with a helping hand from Maxwell himself) to reveal her black corset dress underneath. She then stripped to another bright silk gown that hinted of her next and final outfit: black lingerie embellished in crystals, from Swarovski of course! Her new museum, containing all the showstopping fashion and artistic moments, will undoubtedly highlight Maxwell’s genius.


His versatility is truly remarkable, and it is certain we haven’t seen anything from this American designer. From Michelle Obama to you or me, Maxwell has thought of something that expresses every women’s power and elegance.