Remember when we could go to work and were too busy to find the time to clean our houses? The excuses of having some busy weekends coming up, stopping us getting around to that wardrobe clear out we’d been meaning to have? Lockdown is here and we are all out of excuses, after all it classes as a form of exercise right?

However, with the notifications on phones daily screen time is doubling, making it clear that it’s not just our homes that are in need of a blitz but it’s time for a digital de-clutter!

We all are guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our news feeds and been fed with content that doesn’t always register or resonate. These very new times have showed us more than ever how susceptible we are to news that can cause feelings of anxiety and unease. Its so important we are mindful of the information we choose to filter through to keep us positive through this period of change.

Don’t know where to start? That’s ok, we have some top tips and follows to get some positivity into your screen time.



  • If it doesn’t provoke joy or interest, un-follow, un-follow and un-follow! We trail after too much stuff that makes us feel crap without even realising.
  • What messages does that page put across, because like attracts like. You will have more suggestions pop up of the same topic that could be worth a follow.
  • It’s great we all have platforms for opinions but sometimes we can be inundated with too many. Debates are good however sometimes we need to turn down the heat!



  • Feel Good Club are the lovely Manchester based duo that are a dream to follow on the gram, with positive affirmations and reminders why ‘you got this.’ Uplifting news, live mood boosting streams and the best self-care tips. @Wearefeelgoodclub
  • Women based collective Freedabring you interactive Insta stories, poppy illustrations and a shed load of empowerment! @Freeda_en
  • Fuck Jerry has memes for days that will have you howling and have you dishing them out on all your What’s app groups! @FuckJerry



  • Love him or hate him Russell Brand has made the leap from raucous comedian to yogic life guru- and we are down for it! Explaining mindfulness and practises of self-love with a quick wit and brilliant delivery. Under the Skin.
  • This podcast is as clever as it is hilarious and will be sure to have you belly laughing. Two ‘Agony Aunts’ who read out letters from ‘listeners’ …. It’s very to the line and brilliantly wicked. Dear Joan & Jericha.
  • If you like food chat this is the one for you, carcking format and chats on desert island menus! A friend recommended it too me and I have been hooked ever since. Off Menu.