Earlier this week Morrissey unveiled the artwork for new album ‘California Son’ and announced the record will be released on 24th May.

Released via Morrissey’s label Etienne, an imprint of BMG, the track list consists of a diverse variety of tracks from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s hand picked by Morrissey himself.

2018 marked 30 years of Morrissey as a celebrated independent solo artist and 2019 promises to be an exciting year for Morrissey, so in celebration we have featured below our 10 fave Morrissey tracks – bearing in mind the fact that Morrissey regards The Smiths and his solo material as  “one body of work”.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (1986)

An absolute Smiths anthem.

Tomorrow (1992)

Will tomorrow ever come? A true solo classic often left out from live sets.

November Spawned A Monster (1993)

The video might be a head-scratcher but the bassline and vocals will stick in the head all the same.

I Know It’s Over (1986)

A lament of the timeless torment of unrequited love.

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (1986)

With an infectious rhythm provided by Marr, no Smiths Greatest Hits collection is complete without this.

Every Day Is Like Sunday (1988)

An apocalyptic vision set in a dreary coastal town, this is ostensibly one of Morrissey’s favourites, considering how often he performs it live.

Lifeguard On Duty (1990)

A collaboration with producer Stephen Street, who also worked with Blur, you won’t find this acoustic track on any album.

How Soon Is Now (1985)

Another absolute anthem.

Cemetry Gates (1986)

In an ironic twist, Morrissey warns against plagiarising the wise words of others whilst quoting classical writers throughout.

He Knows I’d Love To See Him (1993)

Probably as soulful as Mozza ever got in his solo ventures, this down-tempo croon tells of living in the backside of the world – a practical impossibility – but a place many of us feel we’ve dwelt at one point or another.