We interviewed the London & Ibiza based DJ, Producer & Promoter and his story is definitely an inspiring one.
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How did it all begin for you?

Believe it or not I actually used to work in a bank (finance w*nker I hear some scream 😀 )! After going through a difficult patch in my personal life (long term relationship breakup, exam stress and anxiety attacks) I realised I wasn’t happy, so I embarked upon a self-development journey which led me to a life coaching course.

Overcoming these challenges was immensely rewarding as beforehand I truly thought didn’t have a creative bone in my body. Just shows you the power of the human mind when harnessed in an empowering way!

I started bedroom DJing in 2012 just for a hobby initially but I quickly realised I wanted to take it more seriously and play out in front of people. Being the super competitive industry that it is, my friends and I decided to try take matters into our own hands by starting our own brand/event called The Little Festival. As this has grown, so has our network and our opportunities, and led to gigs in some of the most well known venues in Europe such as Space Ibiza, Sankeys, Studio 338, Ministry of Sound, Egg, Cafe Del Mar.

I’m super grateful for all the opportunities so far and am excited about working towards achieving my goals and dreams both as an artist and with The Little Festival.

On the production front I started in 2013 but it’s only the last year or so that I’ve found my sound and all started to come together. I had my first 2 tracks signed earlier this year which felt like a huge achievement for me given the beliefs I mentioned earlier. Excitingly I’ve now got a decent back log of original tracks to send out to records labels. I have all my favourite labels listed down by sound. Fingers crossed I can get my music signed to some of them in the months and years ahead.

How would you describe your style?

It of course depends on the environment (venue, time of day/night, promoter, single vs b2b etc), however I like my sets to tell a story, to take people on a journey. The great thing about DJing is that there are so many different ways to go about it – the music and equipment are your ingredients and it’s down to you as the artist to make a meal for people…each meal will be different. I have huge admiration for people’s varying approaches and is great to always be learning new things.

My preferred sound is melodic techno – driving bass and techy beats alongside euphoric or melancholic synths.

Who are your influences?

Sasha, John Digweed, Maceo Plex, Stephan Bodzin, Alex Niggemann, Pryda and Guy J.

What have been your greatest achievements so far?

Getting booked to play Space Ibiza supporting Carl Cox in what will be the club’s final year was a very special experience that I’ll remember forever.

Having my own EP signed for the first time was an amazing feeling too! To feel happy and confident with the quality level of my productions and have supportive feedback from my peers and also some big hitting DJ’s is something that only a few years ago would not even have crossed my mind, let alone think could become reality.
Having one of my own tracks used for a Carl Cox at Space after movie is something that also blew me away! The track got exposure to thousands of people from that…crazy!

There are still many things I want to achieve and a long way to go, but I’m loving the journey and enjoying the present experiences and opportunities.

What is the dream?

I love this question! I’m a firm believer that dreaming big is an immensely powerful thing. Some people may judge you, tell you it’s not possible, that you’re stupid for living with your head in the clouds or flat out laugh at you. Don’t let it deter you! Use it as extra motivation to prove them wrong.

The dream for me is to have tracks signed to my favourite labels and thus have the backing of some of my musical idols. From this, seeing my music get exposure to a wider audience would be a truly special feeling.

On the DJ front, I’ve been fortunate to play in some amazing venues across a few different countries so far. I’d love to be playing 6-8 times per month at festivals, and cool clubs at different places around the world, meeting likeminded people and sharing experiences with them.

With The Little Festival my team and I have plans to expand into firstly Ibiza, then other European destinations and to other UK cities outside of London. Who knows, we may even one day be able to make it a Global event 🙂
My view is that dreams are great and very important in achieving growth. But it’s also very important that you don’t view that future point as the sole source of happiness and contentment…you have to enjoy the here and now, the journey that takes you to that future point.

What track always makes it into your live sets?

Divergent by Alex Niggemann is an absolute beast that I play a lot! If I’m closing a party then Solar Detroit by Maceo Plex is one of my favourites to drop within the last 2 or 3 tunes of the night.

What’s next?

I’ve got quite a lot of new music ready in the pipeline to send out to my favourite labels and am hopeful ADE in October will provide a great opportunity to physically distribute my music to the right people, as emailing labels can be a bit of a lottery…they have so many demos come through and obviously can’t listen to everything.. I had my first release in August, a 2 track EP called Tomorrow’s Mystery, on Lucky Nights which can be checked out below…if you like it, would of course massively appreciate the support via a share, or better yet, a purchase 🙂