We caught up with her recently and here’s the interview.

How did it all begin for you & how long have you been DJing?

I used to have decks in my house back in the day when I first started raving. I learnt to DJ on vinyl after work and I used it as a way to switch off and relax. When I was on Rinse FM, I started to get bookings to play gigs so had to learn how to mix on CDJ’s. I actually haven’t been playing out long so I’ve had to learn really quickly.

You are involved in a lot of projects, from radio to writing content. Give us a little insight into what you do.

Every day is totally different and I love it that way. I’ve played a lot of Festivals this year and some really cool gigs too. I live for music. I get sent a lot, discover new artists and then tell the world about them. I curate playlists, interview artists and help new ones to come through. I manage Josh Barry who is touring with Gorgon City and am currently working really closely with Viber heading up their new music discovery group ‘Viber Presents’ that goes out to 1.8 Million people. We then also have our radio platform SISTER which is really breaking new ground, especially in the US.

What have been your greatest achievements so far?

Playing Glastonbury, Wireless, Reading and Bestival this year have all been super special. They are all festivals that have I always dreamed of playing. Interviewing Kendrick Lamar, Nas, J Cole, Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky over the last few years has also been really inspiring. I rate people who are driven by authenticity and who want to make their mark on the world. You can learn so much from people you interview if you listen to every word they say and their unique stories of where they have come from.

We can imagine you get to work with a lot of emerging, talented artists. Is there anyone in particular you think we should be keeping tabs on?

There are so many incredible artists coming through right now and some really groundbreaking music. Keep an eye out for Bibi Bourelly, SG Lewis, Tom Grennan, Liv Dawson, Wolfie and of course Jorja Smith who is one of my favourite artists this year.

What track always makes it into your live sets?

I’ve been killing Rudimental’s track ‘Healing’ this summer. It was put out on a white label and up until recently no one knew who had produced it. It’s over seven minutes long and got a really cool build that really captures the crowd. They are really talented musicians and I love the fact that they have taken a risk sonically and not conformed with what people thought they would release.

What’s next?

I have a new radio show on Pioneer DJ Radio as part of Data Transmission Radio on the second Friday of every month. It’s so great to be back on the airwaves doing a show with the music I play out when I play on my own. Our SISTER sets are a lot more bassy swinging in to Hip Hop and Grime but I also love feel good house music and anything with a stunning vocal.