Hercules’s Andy Butler recently told US publication The FADER that the track comes from a recent aesthetic attachment to the grimier side of 80s pop. “The new album is a lot about spirituality,” he said. “Faris was happy to engage with that. He went into the recording booth, would come out with something, and I’d say, “Did you just sing, ‘I love what you’re making me do’?” He’d say, “No, but that sounds cool.” That’s how the song was made, it unfolded out of an unconscious process. It’s about being used by a higher entity but there’s this second layer which is a play on intense sub-dom sexual roleplay!”

The track is off Hercules & Love Affair’s upcoming fourth album.

It has been 3 years since Hercules & Love Affair last released an album but now they are back and have returned with The Horrors’s singer Faris Badwan for the steamy “Controller.”