Now, you may not have heard of the genius that is Vetements (you definitely have) as you need to take out a second mortgage or sell your mother’s kidney to be able to afford a pair of socks designed by them. BUT NEWS JUST IN they have collaborated with every 90’s kids dream, Tommy Hilfiger.


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Our Tommy has made his way back up to the top by slapping the Hadid name about a bit, but we’re fully okay with that. They can do no wrong. ALL HAIL THE HADIDS. In fact Gigi will be hitting the London catwalk with her Hilfiger collection in September!

The Gvasalia brothers have the secret formula for cool and Vetements is the inside joke they’ve let us all in on, yet we still lap it up like thirsty fashion dogs [insert picture of Paris Hilton’s chihuahua] RIP Tinkerbell. The collaboration will include the trademark oversized hoodie, your go to streetwear essentials like short sleeved tops & beanies and wait for it… ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR SOCKS, which is starting to seem quite reasonable?


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So if you couldn’t get enough Supreme x Louis V in your fashionable little life, then this is the luxe streetwear collab 4 U. You’ll have to wait until February though..

Stay street? PEACE.