As you probably already knew (unless you’ve not been present on any social media over the past week), New York Fashion Week has come to an end. The forward-thinking fashion industry allows us to peek into the year ahead, giving us a glimpse of some of the pieces we could be looking to buy in a years’ time. Each designers SS20 catwalk show has given us a taste for what’s to come, with added theme, concept and theatre within the event itself. We’ve picked out some of our favourite shows from this seasons NYFW, featuring the most interesting and captivating runways to present the collection…


Collina Strada

For the S/S20 line up, designer for Collina Strada, Hillary Taymour, used Central Park as her runway, bringing the show out to the streets of Manhattan. Shining a light on the issues of sustainability in fashion, the collection itself used repurposed materials, combining bold prints, colour and textures into each outfit. Members of the general public were able to watch as each model walked along the ‘weekend farmers market’ backdrop, removing the stereotypical exclusive environment and welcoming a more inclusive and diverse community to enjoy the new collection. The Hippie vibes favouring tie-dies, open shirts and printed velvet was the touch of nostalgia that we simply loved.


“Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. In this climate crisis, I am struggling to figure out how to be as responsible and transparent as possible. I’m learning daily how to build better business practices and design with consciousness,” Taymour wrote. “As the Amazon continues to burn, let’s reflect today on how we produce and consume our food. Unconventional fruit tastes even sweeter.”


Tomo Koizumi

One of the most ‘out-there’ and unconventional SS20 show would without a doubt go to Tomo Koizumi and his many layers of ruffles & colour. It may not be something you could see yourself wearing to work next season, but the spectacular structure of each garment earned his place on our most loved collection of NYFW. Each of the seven pieces are made from hundreds of meters of fabric, carefully folded, ruffled and swirled into beautiful silhouettes, fastened together using only one zipper. The inspiration behind the collection was to present a gift back to the people that made him who he is today, with giant bows featuring throughout. The stunning collection is literally the gift that keeps on giving.


Gabriela Hearst

Going back to the theme of sustainability and environmental issues within fashion and we reach Gabriela Hearst’s Carbon Neutral catwalk. From design and production to catering and transport, it is clear to see why the fashion industry has been given such a bad reputation for adding to our carbon footprint. Hearst’s SS20 show caught our eye not only for the collection itself but for her effort to be the first carbon neutral show at NYFW. She worked alongside Bureau Betak and EcoAct and donated to Our Children’s Trust who are suing the US Government for its role in causing the climate crisis. Backstage all tools such as hairdryers were banned, hair was slicked back and braided and the garments were made from eco-friendly fabric, eliminating the use of non-virgin materials.

Marc Jacobs

It’s safe to say that NYFW ended with a bang. Marc Jacobs reflected on his 2001 show, which took place the day before 9/11, presenting a similar collection for the SS20 season and creating a nostalgic presentation of life in New York before the disaster.

In his personal Instagram following the show, Marc Jacobs posts:

Marc Jacobs “On the Monday evening before 9/11, Marc Jacobs showed a star-studded fashion show at Pier 54, with the Twin Towers glistening but a few hundred yards away. Glamorous, celebrity-packed and incidentally poignant (the direction was 70’s flower child) … seen in context as a tragically dazzling snapshot of life in New York before the world changed the next morning.”

…This show, like that show [Spring/Summer 2001] is a celebration of life, joy, equality, individuality, optimism, happiness, indulgence, dreams and a future unwritten as we continue to learn from our past and through the history of fashion – 


Each look incorporated a 1970’s boho-chic vibe mixed with bold colours and exaggerated silhouettes. Each model let loose and had fun down the catwalk, smiling, engaging with the audience and creating a sense of joy within the room. Although we’re swooning over the classic tailored pieces, our eyes are firmly on the voluminous floral dresses and the incredible hot pink 60s-esque ensemble featuring a white lace collar and floor length train. What dreams are made of- if only we could rock this look too…