With Father’s day round the corner it seemed right to do an appreciation post for all the papa’s out there (no dad jokes included).

Who would have thought that right now the coolest guy in the fashion game is our dads, the ultimate trendsetter. So while you’re back with your pops sharing the love, get ready to have a sneaky peak in his wardrobe and keep these key pieces in mind (that might accidentally end up in your suitcase).


Not going to lie I am currently raiding every charity shop I pass in hope of completing my collection of dad blazers. the bigger and more oversized the better. Style as a dress or pair with a hoodie and cycle shorts for a chilled look. Worn by two of my style crushes Hailey Bieber and Josefine H J you can understand the need for this style of blazer.



It seems the chunky trainer look is still going strong, thanks to the og’s Balenciaga starting the look with the Triple S sending actual dads down the catwalk. So any trainer you considered ugly/seen a dad rocking should now be at the top of your want list and if you’re not convinced check out the sneaker babe Ida Broen. Who knew these sneaks could look so good.



Think Levis 501 paired with new balance, the typical American pops you’d find wandering around Magic Kingdom and you’ve nailed the look. Need more inspo check out the FB page ‘dads wearing blue jeans and white new balance sneakers’ you can thank me later. I’m crushing hard on that blue and white combo.

For the full dad fit follow in Elina’s footsteps pairing the sneaks and blazer with straight leg jeans and you’ve nailed it.


So don’t forget to visit your dad next Sunday and thank him for providing all the hottest trends atm. He finally is the coolest guy like he’s always been telling you. Head to your local supermarket if in need of more inspo – dad’s galore.