New hair doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve all been in that hot seat in front of the mirror with all our best intentions for something new but end up settling for just a trim. Hair trends are funny ones, they can change from a snappy bob to a long Rapunzel style in a matter of weeks, but frankly who’s hair even grows that quickly? So how do we tailor those trends to something workable for us?

Luckily, very much like current beauty trends, it’s all about embracing what you’re working with. For some time now the trend ombre has softy transitioned into balayage, which as much as it sounds the same, isn’t a form of foliage. Colourists are now working much more with a client’s natural colour and using soft freehand techniques to paint the colour on according to how your hair naturally falls. This gives the result of lived in, textured hair that can look as contrasting as you wish.

Babylights are a wonderful introduction if you’re not too sure, a form of highlighting that picks up the finest pieces of hair to naturally brighten and lift. Due to the easy re-growth of your hair following these techniques, it means it’s a much less committal form of colouring, allowing us to not be tied down having to get shot of that looming regrowth line every six weeks.

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigan, Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid to name just a few, have different tones and variations, using their colour to make their natural texture and style pop.

However it’s not just colour that’s taking hair centre stage, styling is also following suit and being paired with colour it can make your usual “trim” look like you’ve asked for something very different. Styling is currently worn much looser, much more undone so by carefully choosing the products right for your hair you can cut down the time of your styling routine. This is all about ease and speed, think taking large sections around your hair tongs and rough drying. Like pomade evolved to pastes and setting lotion to blow-dry creams, hair sprays have changed to now include powder to give you that just stepped off the sand look. Also, the perks of dry shampoo have changed our styling routines drastically within the last ten years, our trends have become much more manageable.

These days, we all lead such busy lives, we want more time for us, so let your styling take a back seat, your colour do the work, giving you more time to do you.




 Sam Mcknight Cool Girl Spray
Kevin Murphy Color Angels

The session stylist legend has brought out a range of sprays ranging from dry shampoos to fine mists to a seamless hair up aid, all inspired by the models he works with. Cool girl is a texturizing hair spray that creates an effortlessly sexy done/undone look. It’s most certainly worth its price tag.


Kevin Murphy Colouring Angels

Conditioning colour gloss to tone and enhance shine to your pre-lightened hair.

From cooling ash to rose gold hues, these will keep your colour in check far after your salon service.


Wella EMI Sugar Lift Spray

Use on wet and dry hair to create volume, lift and texture. Blow-dried in, this will boost shine and give hold, use it in dry hair and it will give piecey ends with a beachy feel.