In a world full of beautiful packaging and product promises it’s difficult to know exactly what beauty products are for you. The industry is worth €445 billion so it can be confusing to know what essentials to invest in. Consumers are currently being more conscious than ever of sustainable products and brand ethics.

With beauty trends changing as quick as an Instagram story, what’s current?

It’s always a good idea to invest in your ‘canvas’ and even more so the trend for skin that is dewier than a spring morning, turbo charged fresh is at an all time high. Emphasis on condition and healthy skin has never been more prominent.

Good skin, however, doesn’t have to be purse crushing. Companies like The Ordinary are making quality skin care, both affordable and picture worthy. Independent brands like Disciple are tackling stressed out skin at the same time as creating products to enhance well-being and we all know makeup sits better on a healthy base, so it really is about exploring what’s right for your skin. With brands like Fenty launching with 40 shades of foundation it makes it easier than ever to access the perfect products for you.




The Ordinary – Plant Derived Squalane

Super hydrating face oil that avoids breakouts. Also a major bonus it can be used on hair as a heat protectant and reduce breakage potential.



Glossy Pops

Tackling both condition through a balm and the most beautiful shine through a gloss, making makeup and healthy smackers an easy tick on your check list. Glossy Pops are due to launch anytime and will be your new fave lip product – we promise!



Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi has forever been a brand that’s a go to for beauty bloggers, writers and general skin junkies for years. A zero faf liquid exfoliator that creates radiance by removing dead skin cells.