Queen of expression and creativity, Lady Gaga has revealed her new career journey into the world of cosmetics. As if conquering the music and film industry wasn’t impressive enough, Gaga has released the first promo video for Haus Laboratories, soon to be available exclusively on Amazon.


We’ve gone from seeing Lady Gaga in crazy outfits and ‘out-there’ beauty trends from meat dresses to having every hair colour under the sun. Now following in the footprints of some of the biggest media icons, Gaga’s make-up brand will launch in September, with pre-orders available as soon as the 15th July.

Partnering up with Amazon may not be the conventional platform when it comes to top beauty brands, however the singer/actress goes to explain this business decision:

“If it’s not perfectly in line with what they do… they’ll be like, ‘Can you just change half of the equation?’. The answer is no. No deal. No message of self-acceptance, no deal. [The deal with Amazon] was so wonderful because this was like, ‘Let’s make a deal, let’s make a deal to change the world with their beauty’.”


The Haus Laboratories (shortened to Haus Labs) initial promotional material shows everything from dramatic looks using metallic tones to simple and more natural beauty. The mix of gender, ethnicity and skin types also hints that this will be an all-inclusive brand aimed at everyone; very much in true Lady Gaga ‘born this way’ style.


Her latest Instagram posts states:

When I was young, I never felt beautiful. And as I struggled to find a sense of both inner and outer beauty, I discovered the power of makeup…

I’ve come to accept that I discovered my beauty by having the ability to invent myself and transform. They said I was just weird, but really, I was just Born This Way.”


We can already sense Haus Lab will be going to be one of the coolest up-coming make-up brands around, and not just because of Lady Gaga being both the face AND the brains of the company. Take one look at the @HAUSLABS Instagram page and find bold, editorial style campaign imagery, not what you see from the likes of high-street brands.

The tag line ‘We believe beauty is how you see yourself’ also wins us over by creating the idea of a beauty community, where women and men can express themselves through make-up.


We may not have always been 100% convinced of Lady Gaga’s previous fashion choices, but this is without a doubt something we can get on board with. The countdown for September is on!