Shut the front door! Actually, keep it wide open so that everyone can see your silky new Gucci homeware! Imagine Alessandro’s much loved embroidered pieces, in your living room IN THE FORM OF A CUSHION!? Mind blown.

Dropping in September Gucci Décor will provide us with “an eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces” – say eclectic collection 3 times in the mirror and a roadman will appear and whip you with his double G buckled belt.Embroidered Gucci cushionsEmbroidered Gucci cushion with snake

The average human will long to eat their lunch off of a Gucci dinner tray and that’s scientific fact… Well, now we can. So light up your $190 candles, separate yourself from your loved ones with your blue octopus silk screen and await the compliments. (Other instagramable homeware items include: teapots, tables, chairs, cushions, crockery, candle holders & wallpaper)Embroidered Gucci cushion with cat

Embroidered Gucci cushion with cat face and text

Gucci food tray with snake

Things people might say to you when you purchase your new wares:

“Your home smells like Gucci”

“That’s a nice cushion”

“I’m terrified of snakes, get that away from me”

Illustration of Gucci homeware by Alex Merry

All image credits to the Bible*