OH. MY. GOSHA. Burberry is back and hip hop happening – if you didn’t notice.

Remember when the checkered cap meant you were a wrong en? Well, Burbs has been back in our lives for a while now thanks to Christopher Bailey’s revamp back in 2001! BUT NOW IT’S STREET AF, BRO.They say don’t mess with a classic, I guess that’s true unless you’re Gosha Rubchinskiy. What better way to appeal to the cool kids of Instagram than a collaboration with the hippest streetwear designer on the block. I’ll stop saying hip now, honest…

The collection is inspired by youth culture and the legacy of British football in Russia. Eastern European street style meets the classic British designer – it was always going to happen, right?

Prepare yourself for classic check shirts, shorts, and many a bucket hat. Including a remake of the classic trench coat and a reversible Harrington jacket!

Shop the looks over on DSM.

Stay hip xxx