Marian Avila, a 21-year-old model from Spain had her dreams come true on Saturday; she walked fiercely down the runway at New York Fashion Week, and we’re living for it. Marian sported fabulous evening gowns fit for a princess, looking elegant and breathtaking with every step.


Marian has Down syndrome- thus becoming one of the models representing diversity in the show. Everyone is beautiful, despite societal constructs and a world of airbrushed models in magazines; all shapes, sizes and appearances are wonderful. Marian noted this herself “wanting to show the world that there are no barriers”.


Looking stunning in designer Talisha White’s Spring collection; Marian is a real life princess. White had heard Marian’s story and reached out to her online, ah the power of social media, a reminder it can do good in the world. White promotes diversity and equality, stating on her website that her mission:
“has always been to change the world one stitch at a time, through the dresses we create and the moments our customers will never forget”.


Marian was not alone on the runway; joining her were models of all sizes and appearances:
“I wanted to show not just one type of girl is beautiful”, said White. “I like to showcase all types of girls, from pageant girls to models in wheelchairs, models with Down syndrome, models who are 4 feet and told they can never be a model. They are my ‘it’ girl”.


Marian has also caught the attention from other designers and leading magazines in the fashion industry- think Vogue and Harpers Baazar! We know this girl will continue to go far and spread her positive message. She’s an inspiration to all.

The fashion industry is changing- and for the better. We hope to see more inclusivity on the runway, and not the promotion of one look or body type as the societal “norm”. Kick ass women are breaking boundaries and stereotypes, YES GIRLS!

Here’s a few of our fave looks from Marian!



(AP Photo/Leanne Italie)
Quotes from Fox News and The Independent.