Over the past few seasons, Halpern has been one of the biggest designers to watch at London Fashion Week, bringing a new collection of gorgeous sequinned pieces to the catwalk each year. As the lead up for the show draws nearer, we wait in anticipation, contemplating how the designer could possibly top his last SS19 collection.

The world of fashion is often presented on the media as an over glamourised industry, however we were delighted to see that this time, the stereotypes of a fashion week show, were in fact true. Not only was the location in Mayfair, but on arrival we were told to wait in ‘The Ballroom’ of the Sheraton Grand Park Hotel. As soon as we stepped in, we were greeted with high ceilings, grand pianos and chandeliers- not just your average day at the office. With such a dramatic change of scenery after the run-down, urban environment of previous seasons, we had no idea what other surprises were in store!

The A/W19 collection compromised of the classic Halpern sequinned glamour with clashing prints and textures within each look. Puff sleeves, flared trousers and high neck jewels scream Studio 54 vibes, with stunning gold foil eye makeup to complete each look. The combination of luxury design details, dreamy metallic eye lids and a grand environment made for a spectacular line up of extravagance and nostalgia. Not to mention the stunning custom made Christian Louboutins, perfectly matched to each outfit- it took a lot of will power not to try them on!

In the hectic rush to get the models ready for the catwalk and the dressers assigned to more than one model each, the energy in the room was at a high. Hours of waiting around and dress rehearsals come down to a thirty minute window to finalise last minute touches. Meanwhile the audience and photographers pile in, awaiting the reveal of the brand new collection.

As the models make their way to the runway, we all rush to the balcony to watch the magic unfold- in awe of the high profiled and celebrity audience down below. The captivating sound of Tchaikovsky is played whilst the dazzling jewels and glittering dresses make their way through the ballroom. The classical music takes you on a journey from a slow romantic beginning and building to a dramatic, powerful ending. Each member of the audience hooked on the beautiful and alluring presentation of the Fall collection.

The models return to back stage and the atmosphere is electric. Success of the show was confirmed with a huge applause from the audience, each individual feeling a small sense of pride for being a part of the experience. Each year, Michael Halpern manages to exceed expectations and bring something unexpected. His bravery when it comes to pattern/colour clashing and using an array of textures has put his mark on the fashion industry, making his shows one of the most highly anticipated to kick start London Fashion Week. Despite only being involved in a minuscule part of the operation, we feel proud to have helped none the less.

(image credit: Charlotte O’Shea)

Until next season, Halpern!