Just when you thought the baroque designs, skin-tights catsuits adorned with Andy Warhol’s Pop Art creations, broad-shouldered suits and swimsuits adorned with sea stars and shells could not be topped, Cindy, Naomi, Helena, Claudia & Carla appear as though they are angels sent down by Gianni himself. Drenched in Gold, the 90’s superkweens were the perfect finale for Versace’s Milan Fashion week show, which paid homage to Gianni Versace as this year marks 20 years since was gunned down in his Miami Beach home in 1997.

Sashaying down the catwalk to George Micheal’s; Freedom 90, a nod to the tracks video, of which they featured. The ladies beem arm in arm with Duchess Donatella, proving once again that Versace will always be fashion royalty.

“We pay homage to not only (Gianni’s) artistic genius but to who he was as a man, and above all, as my brother,” Donatella wrote in her notes to Versace’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.