Trends and fashion go hand in hand today in the fashion world, either on fashion catwalks, in magazines and in stores. Yet, with the constant demand for the latest fashion trends for us consumers it can lead to some serious consequences.


In today’s society and in the age of social media, we are now realising that the fashion industry is responsible for having a role in climate change, with 10% of greenhouse gas emissions contributing towards global warming. This is because of a pressured and energy intensive production, which produces 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year to be then thrown in landfills to sit there for years and years to decompose, emit methane and greenhouse gasses with only 20% of textile waste to be reused and recycled.


To help reduce waste and shop more confident and ethically with brands you trust, while still being on trend here are a few sustainable fashion trends you can follow this summer, to help you to find eco- friendly garments to last longer rather than never.


Sustainable Clothing

Tie dye


This groovy 60’s hippy trend goes all the way back when laidback hipsters (not like the ones you see today) identified with countercultural movements of the 1960’s with rock music and the sexual revolution.

The brand ninetyprecent specialises in 100% transparent garment threads, including tie dye prints which gives you a choice to vote and support your chosen cause, by entering the unique code on the care label to the website, choosing the cause where 80% of your profit is shared to your cause and 10% to those who run the brand and make the clothes, neat am I right?  

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Animal prints


This wild trend is never going anywhere this S/S19, from snake skin to leopard print this versatile trend can be dressed up and down with any outfit and we are here for it! Animal print is always a trend that will never go out of style and can be worn whenever the weather or seasons, the popular print is available in many clothing forms, such as jackets, dresses, denim, tops, trousers and may more.

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Sustainable Bags

Bamboo bags


Instead of buying your bamboo/ rattan bag from the high street, why not opt for a stylish, natural and  eco- friendly bamboo weaved bag? Made from natural, hand woven fibers this trend adds a raw touch to any outfit and a perfect accessory for a day out at the beach.

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Sustainable Jewellery 

Tortoise jewellery


Tortoise/ resin or acrylic jewellery has made a statement this year with funky patterns and designs, this accessory trend is everywhere! Originated from the 80’s, this lightweight retro resin style has made a comeback into our accessory game and it’s here to stay.

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