As we campaign for equality, honor International Women’s Day, and women in the UK celebrate 100 years since they were allowed the vote, we applaud more fantastic news as his year’s Coachella has seen a big increase in the amount of females playing the festival –  the Girl Power revival returns.

Mark Ortega at Pass The Aux writes, ‘Of the 165 acts currently billed, at least 55 of them feature women prominently. Fifty-six of 166 acts means women represent 33.3 percent of that Coachella 2018 lineup. That is a dramatic increase from last year’s 25.1 percent and 2016’s total of 28.3 percent — which until this year was a festival high mark.”

Check out his fab MSPaint skills below and see for yourself 🙂

It’s definitely a great step forward and added inpiration for girls around the world to pick up that instrument and keep fighting and striving for your dream!