We’re not going to lie, we watched all this unfold on Alexa Chung’s Instagram Stories and we were like ‘WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!’ then we looked closer, did a bit of research (through Instagram again’ and learned that Dior were putting on a runway show in probably the most epic way we’d seen – on a racecourse, WITH horses!

Maria Grazia Chiuri found inspiration in the escaramuzas of Mexico for her Dior Cruise 2019 show. In the 1950s, the women riders broke the glass ceiling of the charreada – a Mexican form of rodeo – by forming an all-female team, who took on the sport traditionally reserved for men and did it in full skirts, bright colours and big hats.

It tok place an hour outside of Paris and the Chantilly Racecourse. Chantilly is known for its chateau, whipped vanilla cream, traditional lace, and equestrian facilities. Maria Grazia Chiuri drew on at least two of those trademarks, modernising Chantilly lace in light and sporty renderings – some interweaved with leather – as she took out the riding course for her rodeo extravaganza with guest appearances by real escaramuzas on horseback.

Dior Cruise 2019

It wasn’t all horses and courses for the Dior Cruise showcase – guests were chauffeured to Versailles where Dior has funded a renovation of the Queen’s House in the hamlet erected by Marie Antoinette in pursuit of the simple life. On Thursday evening, Dior took out a classic French bistro in the heart of Montmartre. Rechristened Chez Christian, guests – including Paris Jackson and Anya Taylor-Joy – could have their portraits done by the local artists of Place du Tertre. Friday’s pre-show lunch took place on a riverboat on the Seine decked out like a jungle, and finally, post-show, guest were invited to dance the night away at a Mexican-inspired after party in Chantilly.


Where was our invite?